Shadows over Appalachia

Another Bad Day

Dear Journal,

After our escape from the loup-garou, I sorta passed out asleep. Next thing I know, I wake up in an unfamiliar hotel room, and everyone else is arguing about what to do next. Rookie is all about dealing with the dragon, while Ironknife and Alan seem bent on finding the loup-garou while he or she is in human form, so they can stop it from doing bad things later tonight. Eventually, we decide to go get Alan’s bumper and then see what we can do to track down the loup-garou.

We head back to the park, but there’s a LOT of police activity and we don’t really want to get involved with them right now. For one thing, explaining why all of us are around here, with a torn up car, when there’s been a horribly violent occurrence would be difficult at best. Luckily, I know an old logging road that isn’t on the maps and isn’t used much, so we enter the park.

Alan and Freedom go back to the clearing we were at last night and they bring back the remains of the transmitter. It’s got some blood and fur on it, so Annabelle does her tracking spell and we set to tracking this thing. We find the poor guy trying to make his way back to civilization. Ironknife decides we need to help him, since this whole mess is probably not his fault. Of course, Ironknife is right. He’s usually right, and that is very frustrating at times.

Anyway, turns out the poor sap is a researcher out at Oak Ridge, or was one back in the 90’s. The feds were experimenting with a ritual that grants the curse of the Loup-Garou to people when it backfired and the good doctor here ended up the recipient. Ever since, they’ve kept him in a cage and let him out to kill who they want to kill. Used in Afghanistan and other war zones. Nasty stuff.

Turns out, the government agency known as Majestic is responsible for this and other experiments. Been doing it for years, since at least the 40’s, probably longer. This is some seriously bad stuff, messing with magic like this. The good doctor did let us know that there ARE ways to shield oneself from the magic glitching field in Oak Ridge, so that’s something to file away for later. I bandage up the man, and after some decisions, we decide to seal him in a place for tonight, and that we will get other resources to bear to hopefully cure him. We found a cave with a deep pit and walls slippery and fragile enough that the loup-garou ain’t getting out of that pit any time soon. We set him up with some food and clothes from a stockpile Ironknife had out here, and we started heading back to the car.

That’s when the hillbillies with guns showed up. At first, they thought we were werewolves. Then Freedom, in an astounding display of…you know, it’s best to just skip that part. Anyway, Freedom tries to tell them what’s going on, and they don’t immediately shoot us, so I figure maybe they speak Greek. I mean hey, Carthaginians and all right? That goes poorly, and gets me tongue tied. The rookie says something really stupid and I lose my shit right there. That’s when they decide to just shoot us. Rookie gets shot in the leg, while Freedom manages to dive out of the way and shift into her wolf form. That’s when one of them decides I’m a prime target and shoots at me! Somehow, he misses me. At point blank range. I’m not normally a religious man but I’d call that some sort of miracle. Annabelle vanishes right quick into thin air, and Ironknife, eschewing subtlety, just clobbers one of them with a big rock. That probably cracked a rib or three. Rookie shoots back at the guy who shot him and clips him in the shoulder. Freedom-as-Wolf wrestles away the gun from the guy who shot at me, who then draws a freakin’ KNIFE and tries to cut me! And succeeds! Ow! I throw some flash powder into his eyes to disorient Knife Guy, while Alan just pounces on one of the guys and sits on him. Ironknife envelops Knife Guy up to his neck in the ground. Freedom snags another gun away from the really hurt guy, though he gets another shot off at the rookie, who is missed, but Rookie clonks his head on a rock and is down for the count. In short, we eventually get their guns away and they are subdued.

Ironknife interrogates them, and they are out to kill the loup-garou for killing their kin. Understandable. Ironknife tries to convince them that the Feds are the real enemy here, what with the dragon going to wake up and all. I don’t think they bought it, but we let them go after taking away their guns. I hope they don’t shoot us in the face next time we see them. Of course, by this time we hear helicopters, and we figure they are probably tracking the collar, so Alan tears off into the woods with it, while we run to the car. We pile in, with Alan in tow just as a chopper tells us to freeze! They rotate the mini-gun on the side to point at us, but I see some sparks and I think it jammed, so that’s good, but I still don’t know how we’re going to get out of this one!


technoir wkotas

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