Shadows over Appalachia

Just Another Day

Super Moon

Dear Journal,

It’s been a pretty rough couple of days. You’d think it would be good. Two-Feathers invited me to one of his big parties, to celebrate the arrival of the “super moon”, where the moon is closer to the world than it’s been in…uh, 18 years I think. It was a helluva party. Plenty of food, lots of booze…attractive werewolf girls in skimpy outfits, you know, a good party!

Of course, all good things must be ruined completely. Freedom turned into a wolf, as she does, and bounded off into the woods, leaving Annabelle just standing there. I trudged after her. Why? I’m not sure. I guess I’m an idiot. I mean, why do I always follow the supernatural types? Stupid I guess. Anyway, of course she finds a pile of bodies. Bodies! Torn to pieces! Then she just bounds off, as if expecting the rest of us to follow. Ironknife shows up, because that’s sort of his idiom.

Turns out, these things were torn apart by something that’s using bad juju. Ironknife actually looked worried. That’s not good. When a real wizard looks upset, it’s time to be worried. Those poor people. They were out hunting. And they certainly found something to hunt.

We went and saw Scott Goins. He seemed like a nice fellow. Melungan, or Carthanginian as he said. Old, old people. A little touchy around werewolves. Gave the new kid a beer. Nice fellow. I gave him my card. This may have been a mistake.

We went our separate ways. Ironknife and Annabelle went to see the Summer Court. Alan and I went to see Fitz-hume. Let’s just say he ain’t a fan of ours now. Maybe I should have been nicer. Still, found out he’s not responsible, but SOMEONE in the government is. Probably a rogue agent. I hate rogue agents. It cost me any good will I might have had with Fitz-Hume, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Annabelle and Ironknife discovered that the villains in our little saga want to wake a dragon. This is a Very Bad Thing. Sadly, the rogue agents I mentioned earlier? Yeah, they pulled my business card off of poor Scott Goins’ corpse. Right after they shot him, the bastards. They came to Big Don’s, looking to take no prisoners. We managed to bolt out of there, but now we’re on the run. And of course, Ironknife is wanted for questioning. Because my life can’t be simple. Well, between the three wizards and the two werewolves, and the rookie’s NRA arsenal in his jacket, I’m hoping we can get out of this mess. If not…well, it’s been a hell of a run.



technoir wkotas

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