Shadows over Appalachia


Okay, so we had to figure out how to stop the CIA from waking the dragon. We figured that box was important, so we waited until nearly dark, then headed up to the trailer park. We left the car and snuck up, in case someone was there who would want to shoot us. Ironknife and Annabelle put up some pretty good veils – I could tell where they were, but I’m pretty sure it’s only because I’m a werewolf. Alan and I watched from some trees, just in case the Malungens saw through the veils too. We figured we could start howling and have them come after us if needed, but I was hoping we wouldn’t have to, because then we’d probably have the whole set of the ones who were left coming after us with their guns. I think one of them heard something, but Cid threw a rock and distracted her. So we got the box, threw it in the trunk, and took off.

We stopped at the ranger station, and Sam wasn’t too happy to see us, but we barged in and proceeded to wreck the place. Cid brought her flowers and chocolates, but she kind of ignored him and kept blaming IronKnife for everything. Hmmm… The magical types put the box inside the circle and pried it open. I think maybe we should have made sure they were not in the circle when we did that. Things got confusing then… The room got really cold and everyone was yelling, but I couldn’t see a thing. The new guy jumped on the box, then ran out of the circle, which I’m pretty sure was a bad move. I had no idea what to do. I wasn’t in wolf form because there was nothing to bite, and I don’t know magic… Alan and I tackled Nick, so he wouldn’t do anything crazy, but I guess it was a little late for that. He started freezing. I guess there was a spirit of winter in the box. Cid was waving a fake flower around, and then he set off a flare in the middle of the room – trying to warm things up, I guess. I should have tried some focused imagery or Reiki to transfer some heat, but it didn’t occur to me at the time. Maybe a little Ayurveda would have been helpful. IronKnife didn’t panic, though. He got the circle redrawn and forced the spirit back in, and even remembered to get the OTHER thing out of the box first. It was a bag. I was going to open it, but it was tied with a silver cord, so I gave it to Annabelle instead. Inside was a big spear point made of bronze or something.

Way too late, the phone rang with the call from the White Council we’d been expecting. Whoever it was said that the CIA would need something from the original ceremony to break the dragon’s enchanted sleep. He also had the name of the dragon: Primanox. I guess we could use it’s name to bind it again, if it weren’t the size of the Smokies and ready to eat this side of the US. So I guess we should have left the spear point in the box with the big scary winter spirit to protect it. Oops. But how can we NOT open the mysterious hidden box?

We heard motorcycles coming after that and threw everything back into the car. We wanted to clear out so we wouldn’t bring any more trouble to Sam. We figured whoever it was would follow us and leave her alone. But instead they broke in and beat her up. We turned around and came back, but I guess we were a little too late, they had already driven off. Nothing was going quite right that evening. Luckily Cid knows first aid. We called an ambulance – looks like she’s going to be okay. Everyone was feeling really heavy after that, though.

IronKnife did a tracking spell and we followed the bikers – looks like it’s the lycanthropes from the Dragon’s Tail. I’m going to need to talk to TwoFeathers about the ones who are left, we don’t need that kind of trouble in our park. When we found them, they were talking to the CIA guys from the helicopter. I could hear them reporting. Looks like they were supposed to find us, but when we weren’t at the station they just beat Sam up. They were pretty awful, planning to go back and hurt her some more too, and I was in wolf form – I was ready to go kill them right there. shiver I’ve got to work on that. Even the worst people are still children of Mother Earth. They can’t be all bad. Maybe if we got them to sit down and really talk about their feelings, they wouldn’t do things like that. Maybe an empathy session.

Of course, most of them won’t ever get the chance to change. There was a great big box in the helicopter, and this horrible THING came out of it. Not really like a wolf. More like a nightmare of a wolf. It was huge, and extra creepy. It had some kind of collar on, with blinky lights and stuff, and the CIA guys said they’d worked out their control issues from “before”. But we got a whole new issue. Somebody did something – I think it was Nick – and the collar started fizzing and smoking. No more control. The loup-garou (that’s what Cid says it is, and he doesn’t seem to think we can fight it at all) roared, and then just started eating people. Their guns didn’t seem to affect it at all. Cid said something about silver hurting it. I guess they didn’t think it would get free, or they would have made sure they had some. It killed a bunch of them, but it didn’t get all the CIA guys. They took off on their helicopter while most of the bikers jumped the monster. A few of the bikers, who were still on their bikes and drove away really fast, made it out, but the rest are done for.

Cid and the others had taken off for the car by this time. IronKnife was hanging back, planning something, and Alan and I were playing rear guard, figuring we could give it a good run and lead it away from the others if it came for us. It did, too, but IronKnife stuck it to the ground somehow, for a minute or so. We had time to make it to the car. Then it came and ripped our bumper right off. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have to try biting its claws out of the window, or jump out and try to lure it away, but Cid kind of saved the day. He threw all his magic stuff right in its face, and it went skidding off the side of a cliff. I guess cards are slippery. So we made it out, but odds are it will be back tomorrow night. And who knows what the rest of the CIA are going to be up to.


technoir hapersmion

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