Shadows over Appalachia

Super Moon!!

Okay, so the other night was the Super Moon. It’s the time when the full moon is closest to the Earth, and it’s really super cool, and it has a great big spiritual meaning too. The universal healing forces of Virgo and Pisces really start to flow, trolls disappear, greediness wanes, and all kinds of stuff. Plus – werewolves, giant full moon, you know? Twofeathers threw a big party up at Cade’s Cove – everybody was there, except for the folks who were doing night sadhana, of course. There were big bonfires, and food and dancing and drums, and it was all really groovy.

But before things really got going I noticed there was this chilly breeze blowing, which was weird with it being so warm. I looked over and saw Annabelle talking to this kid – which was weird, he wasn’t anybody’s kid that I knew. So I went over, and he wasn’t a regular kid. I wasn’t sure at first, but it’s pretty clear now he was a ghost – Cid didn’t even see him. Anyway, he said there were some people over somewhere needing help, suffering. Naturally we went to go see. I like the tall grass in that field, not only can I shift easily, I can leave my clothes up on the grass and they don’t get wet from the ground. It was nice, running under that big moon… kind of made me want to hunt… ugh, I need to do some more guided meditations with Sapphire about that, still feeling really conflicted. Somebody was already hunting that night, though. After a ways I started to smell blood, lots of it, yuck. We came to a clearing – Annabelle and Cid and Alan were following along, and there were these dead bodies all over the place, ripped up all horrible. I’m glad I was in wolf form, stuff like that just doesn’t affect you the same. I would have been crying all over the place in human form. There were six men and one woman, I think, and they had these old fashioned guns – the smell of them was all over the clearing. They had been hunting something, and I could smell it – like a wolf, but all wrong. Not a werewolf like us, something different. I’ve never smelled it before.

We poked around. Alan found footprints, and I was able to follow the smell off down the hill. Cid went back and found IronKnife, which was good. It’s nice having a real wizard like that around. He knows all kinds of stuff, and he’s really deep, too. He got a very serious heavy look when he got to the clearing, but he didn’t say much, there was serious wisdom moving there. I took off down the trail, watching all around in case the thing was still there, but no luck. The tracks led to an island in the middle of a stream, and then just stopped. The last track looked more human, like the guy (Have to think back on the scent, was it a guy? Could it have been female?) was shifting. There was this funny smell around, like exhaust or something, but I couldn’t figure out what it was… reminded me of an airport. I could hear this thumping noise just for a second before it faded, too. I was pretty confused, but Alan came up and looked around. I ran around a bit and made sure the tracks didn’t start back up somewhere, scratched around the island bank just in case there was a secret door or cave or something, but nothing. Talked with Alan and we think the bad wolf guy probably got picked up by a helicopter, crazy as that sounds.

Twofeathers came out to look over the site, and brought this idiot cop with him. He was getting all accusatory at IronKnife, just because he’s a Native Person, ugh! We really need to hold a sing-in down at the local precinct or something, the police around here could use some spiritual light. I had to stay back in the trees, of course, since my clothes were still back at the bonfire, but the police had all brought lights and night-blinded themselves anyway, I didn’t have to stay so far back that I would miss anything. Twofeathers had it under control, though. We headed back to Big Dan’s after that. Wow, it’s nice that Cid wears such long coats.

There was this new guy at Big Dan’s, trying to get into the back. He’s really funny, but I don’t understand a word he says. Looks like he’s going to be the real thing, though. He’s probably clued in to some mystic wavelength that I’m not getting. I bet IronKnife understands him. I wonder if he’s going to be his apprentice. Or is Annabelle going to be, now? Poor Annabelle. :( :( :( :*( The guy started following us around after Cid let him in, maybe he’s going to be part of the gang now.

Next day I wanted to go run around Cade’s Cove and see if anything turned up, but everybody had to work and stuff, the Man strikes again. But in the afternoon on the news in the student lounge I saw that all the people who got killed were in the same family. Super sad! :*( There was just one guy left, Scott Goins, and we went to see him. When I got out of the van and walked up to his trailer he got ready to shoot me! How did he know??? Not like I’ve got a single eyebrow or anything… Cid made me get back in the van. I went because it looked like the guy might shoot me, and we wanted to talk with him, but sheesh, Cid, cut the paternalism! I felt like I was getting sent back to the kitchen. :P~~

At least Cid got through to the guy. He eventually let us in, didn’t even spring a booby trap on us. He had silver and weapons all over the place, kinda scary, and a cool-but-icky silver circle set in his linoleum. Once he saw we weren’t going to eat his face he stressed less and gave us all beers!!!11 So weird, I didn’t know what to do with mine. That kind of stuff really pollutes your chi, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I fiddled with mine. He said his family hunted werewolves and stuff, but he didn’t have any real info on what the thing was that got them. He did mention that 200!!?! of his best Malungen buddies are coming to shoot up the woods. Malungens are the people who came here before everybody else, or something? Dunno, but it makes it really hard to go look for the bad wolf, which is hunting the Malungens, because they’ll shoot Alan and I if they see us, maybe even the others if they’re not careful. But if they all split up in the forest on a full moon I have the feeling they’re going to get picked off a few at a time. No good, not sure what do do! Disaster!

We left and Cid went to talk to the head OR nuclear guy. IronKnife and Annabelle went to go see if the Summer Court knew anything useful. Oh, I forgot to mention, when I was heading to Big Don’s the other day on the greenway I ran into that guy who’s always down there. I traded him an Odwalla bar for some info and he said that the Summer Court all holed up in the Sun Sphere while the supermoon was out, like they were scared. Cid found out that a government agency is probably behind the bad wolf, and Iron Knife and Annabelle I think found out that there’s a dragon sleeping under the mountains, and the bad wolf is trying to wake it up for some reason. I guess the Malungens are its sacred guardians? The day got a bit confusing.

It was soooo sad, we heard on the news that after we left, someone killed Scott! :((( We should have stayed and staked out his place, he just seemed so scary that we figured he’d be all right. I don’t think wolves did it, though, looked like government guys just came in and shot him. That’s the kind of the the CIA does all the time. And of course they pinned it on us. Not sure if they have all of our names and faces. They definitely have some. Maybe all of us should lie low for a while.

But I had the best idea ever, for us to check out the place for clues. Cid disguised himself, he’s good at that, and Alan and I pretended to be dogs. We were super cute, too. He just walked us right up to the police line and started vhatting, and we went romping all over the place. There was so much going on, they didn’t even kick us out. Maybe they were too busy planting evidence. Good thing wolves don’t leave fingerprints. But I guess we were there already in human form earlier, oops. Sadly, we didn’t find much. We did get under the trailer and find this metal box, which I bet the CIA was looking for, but it didn’t have any handles, so we couldn’t drag it. And right then the giant cavalcade of Malungen doom arrived with all their guns and stuff, and I figured they’d know Alan and I on sight and start shooting, so we got out of there fast. I guess we’ll have to try to come back after they leave to find out what’s in the box, and hope the CIA isn’t around. Still no idea what we’re going to do about the rest of it.

Oh yeah, and after that we were at Big Don’s, and someone cut the lights and started trying to break down the door. !!!! With civilians in there and everything, I bet if it was the CIA they just would have made them disappear, or brainwashed them or something. I was hoping it was the bad wolf and we’d get to fight… I was in wolf form by then. But IronKnife did some cool super-door spell, and Cid showed us the back way out, so we all got out without getting shot or something. Secret tunnel, secret tunnel, secret secret secret secret tunnel!


technoir hapersmion

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