Cid Osterman

Clued in Stage Magician


High Concept: Clued in Stage Magician

Trouble: Weak Link

Template: Pure Mortal

Other Aspects:
Absolute Mundanity
Would You Like To See A Magic Trick?
Without Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
Knows More Than You Think
Badly Mauled Leg

Superb ( +5 ): Deceit
Great ( +4 ): Scholarship, Presence
Good ( +3 ): Rapport, Empathy, Discipline
Fair ( +2 ): Performance, Athletics, Contacts, Resources
Average ( +1 ): Endurance, Conviction, Alertness, Burglary, Driving

Let Me Check My Notes (May use Scholarship for Arcane Lore rolls, -2 to all other Lore rolls)
Stage Magician (may perform stage magic, +1 to pick pockets, +1 to quick distractions)
Pick Pocket (may pick pockets with no penalty)
Getting a Read (Empathy rolls to ‘read’ someone take 1 minute instead of 10)
Linguist (may read/write/speak up to Scholarship + 4 languages, half may be obscure/dead)
Known Foreign Languages: Latin, Greek

Powers: None


The Osterman Family is an old magical family, going back to the time of the Civil War. Shortly after the conclusion of that struggle, they settled in East Tennessee to get away from persecution in Europe. The family is steeped in magical tradition, with each member of the family having some magical talent, though the potency of these varied considerably. Son and daughter were apprenticed to mother, father, aunt, uncle or any other member of the previous generation, and in this fashion the magic lived on. Eventually, a man named Robert Osterman settled in the quiet town of Maryville, TN near Knoxville. He married a local woman who had The Sight, and eventually they had two sons, Markus Osterman and his younger brother Cid.

Markus was everything they could have asked for in a son. Bright, handsome, magically gifted, and ambitious. While he only paid a passing amount of interest in mundane knowledge, he was much more studious when it came to the magical arts. Apprenticed under a White Council Wizard, he was the apple of his parents’ eye. Then there was Cid. Cid, you see, was born with exactly zero magical talent. Not a spell could he work, no senses was he gifted with. Even common rituals that any other “mundane” could perform utterly failed to work when Cid went through the motions. He was clever, and his normal teachers praised his efforts, but Cid could never shake the feeling that his parents were disappointed in him. He threw himself into study, become as good a student of arcane lore as his brother and ended up in college, where he got a degree in Archaeology.

After graduation, he traveled to Las Vegas with some colleagues to celebrate his degree and forget his troubles for a while. While there he took in a stage magic show and was utterly entranced. This was something he could do. It was magic of a sort, a magic able to mystify and entertain all through skill and practice. He went backstage after fast talking a security guard and asked to be taken on as an apprentice. The years flew past and he became a very skilled magician, though he never had quite the knack for performance that some of his peers did. Still, his impressive skills kept him in various jobs and after tucking away a bit of money he moved to Knoxville to be closer to his family and help manage the family’s mundane assets.

Though he will NEVER admit it to anyone, Cid is driven to prove that he is just as able to fit in with the supernatural world as the rest of his family, and most especially his big brother. He works at Big Don’s Magic Shop, both for practical reasons (it ain’t all children’s birthdays and bar mitzvahs for one of Knoxville’s premier stage magicians) and to remain close to the supernatural world. He secretly fears that he will get himself or his friends in real trouble, with his loud mouth and his incredibly fragile (comparatively speaking) mortal form. Still, he covers it all with a smile, a joke, and a coin from nowhere…wanna see a magic trick?

Cid Osterman

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