Freedom Lupo

Hippie Werewolf


High Concept: Hippie Werewolf
Trouble: Bleeding Heart
Template: Werewolf

Human form:
Superb(+5): Conviction

Great(+4): Athletics, Alertness

Good(+3): Endurance, Contacts, Discipline

Fair(+2): Empathy, Might, Rapport, Stealth

Average(+1): Presence, Intimidation, Survival, Fists, Scholarship

Wolf form:
Superb(+5): Athletics, Alertness

Great(+4): Endurance, Fists

Good(+3): Stealth, Survival

Fair(+2): Might, Intimidation

Average(+1): Scholarship, Conviction, Rapport, Discipline, Empathy, Contacts, Presence

Stunts: No Pain, No Gain – Can take 1 extra Mild Physical Consequence.

Powers: Beast Change – Turns into a wolf.
Echoes of the Beast – Beast Senses – +1 when using wolf senses (smell, hearing, night vision). Beast Trappings – Like a drug-sniffing dog, can detect faint scents on targets (chemical traces, blood, maybe magic, etc). Beast Friend – Can communicate with canines.
Human Form – Lose all powers except Echoes of the Beast.
Claws – Weapon: 2
Inhuman Strength
Inhuman Recovery – The Catch – silver
Inhuman Toughness – +2 physical consequences, Armor: 1 against physical

Aspects: Hippie Werewolf; Bleeding Heart; Hippie Rage; Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw; Those Meddling Kids; Turns the Tables; Friends in Wild Places


A third-generation hippie love child, Freedom was raised by her mother, and a village, on a commune. Her vegan, off-the-grid, open-minded upbringing leads her to believe in all sorts of non-mainstream ideas, such as the existence of magic. (She probably believes in even more kinds of magic than a White Council wizard…) She recently left her sheltered commune to major in Environmental Studies at UT, and wasn’t college life a shock? She was distressed to encounter, close-up and for the first time, the wasteful American lifestyle. Picketing various parts of campus and haranguing professors and fellow students didn’t seem to make an impression, for some reason. Some high-profile antics brought her to the attention of a local “politician” and leader of the local occult community, Carl “Twofeathers” Whittaker. Her desire to make a real difference led Freedom to accept his offer to bring her into his circle, where she found that she had enough magical potential to learn to transform herself into a werewolf. Just to show that she can be unique even in wolf form, Freedom takes the shape of the extinct-in-the-wild red wolf that once roamed these hills, rather than the more usual grey wolf. She still hasn’t found a way to get her college to embrace green energy, but her new wolf powers have let her make a difference in some other ways…

During her first adventure, “Freedom’s Run”, Freedom set out into the Smokies to find a missing hiker. But when he turned out to be the leader of an evil cult bent on mayhem, she had to foil his plans before it was too late. Alan Fordham, another werewolf, showed up to help confront the cult leader, but they were captured. Before they were sacrificed, the wizard William IronKnife arrived, tracking missing college students. He freed the werewolves and disrupted the ritual, they dispersed the mind controlled cultists, and turned the cult leader over to the Council.

“Cardsharp”: The only non-magical member of a magic family, Cid Osterman works in Big Don’s Magic Shop. When a killer starts hunting wizards and seems nigh undetectable, can Cid track him down in time to save his father? Freedom calls in some contacts with great noses. When the fur starts flying, Cid saves his father while the killer is distracted. Annabelle, searching for her teacher’s killer, arrives just in time to help capture him.

“Bad Medicine”: A magical drug runner jumps bail, and Ironknife pursues him. Cid helps to track him down. Trying to escape the drug runner grabs a hostage from UT campus, but she turns out to be a werewolf. Freedom helps to scare the drug runner into spilling the beans about who was enchanting his wares. Cid, Ironknife, and Freedom go after the real source of the magical drugs.

Freedom Lupo

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